It’s back and better than ever, say hello to the Spring 2020 edition of Preseem’s acclaimed Fixed Wireless Network Report!

Over the past few months, a lot of changes have occurred within the Fixed Wireless industry. Since the release of our last report, the FCC has authorized over $61.8 million in rural broadband funding and banned ZTE and Huawei equipment from USF-funded networks. Furthermore, we learned just how poor broadband availability really is after revelations that wireless carriers lie about coverage 40% of the time and that flawed data may mean up to 42 million Americans are unable to get serviceWith so much going on, it’s no wonder that the fixed wireless industry is more relevant now than ever before.

As the Internet becomes more ubiquitous, and demand continues to mount, Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs) have made it possible for even the most rural regions to get service. To ensure these networks deliver the best service possible, it is essential to understand the real-world experience of fixed wireless subscribers, networks, and equipment within the fixed wireless industry. Accordingly, Preseem is excited to announce the release of the Spring 2020 edition of it’s Fixed Wireless Network Report.

The Preseem Fixed Wireless Network Report leverages Preseem’s data set to provide a view into fixed wireless networks across providers and different kinds of equipment. As such, all the data in this report comes from fixed wireless networks. It is our hope that WISPs use this information to benchmark their businesses against the wider broadband ecosystem.

Key highlights from the Spring 2020 edition of Preseem’s Fixed Wireless Network Report include:
  • Fixed wireless networks show little throughput degradation during peak which indicates that they are not heavily oversubscribed
  • The average fixed wireless subscriber uses just over 4.4 Mbps when active
  • The average fixed wireless subscriber uses 8.2 GB of data per day for a total of 244 GB per month
  • Cambium and Ubiquiti access point equipment dominate fixed wireless deployments
  • Over 60% of access points are less than 3x oversubscribed

Preseem’s Fixed Wireless Network Report contains 30 fixed wireless figures, spanning 26 pages! Download a copy of the new report for free!

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