“Wow! – What a way to celebrate your customers” – This remark by one of the attendees at the end of our WISP VIP Cruise event sums up the experience more than 200+ attendees had on the evening of 20th March 2019. Preseem was proud to help organize a customer appreciation event during Wispamerica 2019 along with our friends at Sonar Software and Router Limits. Above all, this WISP VIP Cruise event had it all – 

Fun-filled cruise on the River Ohio aboard the ‘Belle of Cincinnati’ – BB Riverboat’s flagship vessel – Yes

Unlimited Hors d’oeuvre selection + Cincinnati Chilli + BBQ Stations + Bar  – Yes

Games including Tower building using straws, Trivia round, WISP Tic-Tac-Toe to win additional drink tickets – Yes

Grand prizes including a 65-inch TV, Amazon Echo, Bluetooth speakers, Fitness trackers – Yes

Complimentary swag including a 64 GB Sonar USB Drive, Preseem Sunglasses and Router Limits Tshirts – Yes

Full-on fun and conversations by everyone – YES! 

Importantly, here’s a collection of images and videos from the night of our WISP VIP Cruise for everyone to enjoy 


Gallery – WISP VIP Cruise (Click to Expand)

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Preseem + Sonar SoftwareAPI Screenshot