Network Outage Detection: A Preseem Case Study

by | April 28, 2017 | Networking

The Preseem network telemetry platform recently discovered a micro-outage at one of our customers. We thought we’d present the findings of that case here as a short blog post.

Identifying the Issue

Preseem was able to identify this outage in near-real time, highlighting the importance of a network telemetry monitoring compared to traditional network monitoring solutions.

In this scenario, Preseem was deployed on a single tower with seven sectors and 96 customers for a large independent telecom co-op in Southern Ontario that offers wireless, fiber, and DSL-based services.

Running on a Lanner FW-7525 with electrical bypass, key objectives for this Preseem deployment were:

  • Monitor network and all IP addresses with less than 10 seconds sample rate
  • Identify potential network outages before customer complaints surface
  • Find other network concerns, such as congestions that can impact QoE
Screenshot of network metrics in Preseem

Snapshot of real data from a Preseem customer deployment. Customer name, tower location, and IP addresses masked to protect confidentiality.

Understanding the Data

Due to the high sample rate (10s), Preseem identified this outage in near-real time. Also, note that the traffic to the tower did not completely stop. This indicates that a traditional monitoring solution that pinged the tower radios may not have noticed the outage.

Preseem is a network telemetry platform that brings the power of finely granular, real-time network performance data on an individual customer level together with the power of cloud-based analysis, alerts, and control. Preseem comes with applications to manage and optimize streaming media traffic. It can also help reduce your L1/L2 support time and save on network upgrades. Our goal is to make your network more efficient, effective, and successful. Click here to contact us for a free trial.

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