Preseem network telemetry platform recently discovered a short micro-outage at one of its client deployments and the findings of that case is presented here in a mini blog post. It’s an interesting case where Preseem was able to identify this outage in near real time and further highlights the importance of a network telemetry based solution as compared to traditional network monitoring solutions.

In this scenario, Preseem was deployed on a single tower with 7 sectors and 96 customers for a large independent telecommunication cooperative in Southern Ontario that offers wireless, fiber, and DSL-based services. 

Running on Lanner FW-7525 with electrical bypass, key objectives for this Preseem deployment were:

  • To monitor network and all IP addresses with <10 seconds sample rate
  • To identify potential network outages before customer complaints surface
  • To identify other network concerns, congestions that can impact QoE

Snapshot of Real Data, Preseem client deployment 2017. Client name, tower location, and IP addresses masked to protect confidentiality. 

Due to the high sample rate (10s), Preseem identified this outage in near real time. Also, note that the traffic to the tower did not completely stop, indicating that a traditional monitoring solution which pinged the tower radios may not have noticed the outage.”

Click here to view/download a 4 page Mini Case PDF on network outage detection with snapshots of

  • Real-time tower-level latency, downstream and upstream bandwidth
  • Real-time tower-level TCP retransmission metrics
  • Per-customer latency, bandwidth, and TCP retransmission metrics

Preseem is a network telemetry platform that brings the power of finely granular, real-time network performance data on an individual customer level together with the power of cloud-based analysis, alerts, and control. Preseem comes with applications to manage & optimize streaming media traffic, reduce your L1/L2 support time and save on network upgrades making your network more efficient, effective and profitable. Click here to contact us for a free trial!


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Preseem + Sonar SoftwareAPI Screenshot