Blog update May-13-2017: Preseem’s client interface has been significantly upgraded and now being used by a diverse range of WISPs, anywhere between 100 subscribers to over 10,000 across the US, Canada, Australia, Turkey, and Brazil. To check out the new features and get a personalized demo as per your convenience, please contact us by clicking here. You can also check out our latest product videos by clicking here.

‘It’s all about the data’, has got to be the ‘most famous’ catchphrase after ‘cheers’. Actually, this might be the only catchphrase you use if you are the network owner, managed service provider or deal with internet networks on a daily basis. Considering the dynamic world of network management, everything comes down to the speed, accuracy, detail, time interval and usability of macro & micro level network information. For information to be actionable, it has to conform well to all these benchmarks. Unfortunately, a lot of the traditional network management tools rely on long, 5 minute to 1 minute polling intervals. Thankfully, as noted in one of our previous blog posts, the idea of real-time actionable metrics or network telemetry for network owners & administrators has finally surfaced for a large-scale impact and is set to only grow in 2017. This concept of network telemetry and its application for effectively, efficiently and profitably managing network is at the heart of Preseem – our custom-built solution for Wireless Internet Service Providers, Managed Service Providers & Small businesses.

Preseem is the result of years of understanding, designing, developing, analyzing and managing large scale global internet networks by the core team here (over 65 years of combined experience, to be precise). The idea behind Preseem further stems from the fact that without actionable metrics at real-time sample rates, network owners at a community’s wireless internet service setup or network administrator don’t have the tools in their arsenal to proactively manage and optimize their user’s quality of experience. While we had a teaser launch of the Preseem web interface during WISP America 2017 for a select group of participants, it’s time for an informative look at what’s on offer. Straight from the Preseem HQ today, here’s one of our developers showing how the tool looks and feels.

(Network names/ tags have been renamed to protect client identity).

Yes, it’s live and capturing detailed real-time data at one of our ongoing trials in a Waterloo, Ontario location. (Network names/ tags have been renamed to protect client identity). The video starts off with the standard Preseem client interface dashboard which shows:

  1. Network Latency 
  2. Latency histogram
  3. Bitrate (downstream)
  4. Bitrate (upstream)

Network telemetry is the extension of network reporting to higher granularities and sample rates combined with actionable metrics and alerting.

Preseem not only provides valuable real-time data, but also alerts & bandwidth configuration controls to allow network owners & administrators to:

– Improve the quality of experience for all subscribers (and gain revenue by retaining subscribers for a longer time)

– Identify and fix network problems before customer complaints rise (save on customer support costs)

– Defer costly network upgrades (and save on CAPEX)

– Meet and exceed customer expectations and SLA agreements with clients/ special customers in a region (grow business)

– Ensure fair access to available bandwidth by controlling access

Hope you enjoyed this sneak peek into the Preseem client interface. To learn more or get a free trial for your business, reach out to us today!

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Preseem + Sonar SoftwareAPI Screenshot